How much would you own CARPENTER HAZLEWOOD in fees if you stop paying for a year?

Desert Vista HOA assessment fees are currently $31.50 every three months (or $126.00 per year). But, if you stop paying for a year, the $126.00 HOA assessment fee can turn into over $1,500.00 dollars including the $1,200.00 for the attorney (collections fee). That is 10 times over the projected amount!

Unfortunately, this is the realty for a Desert Vista resident witch is in Social Security disability.

HOA voting by email is illegal (unless a notified emergency)

Kudos to “Arizona Homeowner Forum” John Sellers for sharing this information!
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meeting by email are illegal

Many HOA’s, Management Companies, and their attorneys think it’s OK to dispense with open Board Meetings and have meetings by email, as long as they’re unanimous. Some HOA’s even have that written into their documents. The attorneys, including Carpenter Hazlewood until very recently continued to argue that ARS 10 allows you to do that.

One Management Company even testified it is standard practice in the industry. Not only does that contravene open meeting rules for HOA’s but:

  1. A judgement was already obtained last year on that very point with heavy sanctions involved
  2. A second judgement was obtained reaffirming that this month.
  3. Carpenter Hazelwood, in a last ditch attempt to avoid sanctions were forced to drop the repeat defense of this practice and admit wrongdoing.

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Rancho Sahuarita HOA: You need to either repaint your houses or fix your landscaping



SAHUARITA, AZ (Tucson News Now) –

More than half the homeowners of the Rancho Sahuarita community are outraged after they received notices from their homeowners association’s management company, saying they need to either repaint their houses or fix their landscaping.

Many residents say their homes don’t need to be repainted, and they’re demanding answers.

“You expect a bill to come in the mail because you’ve signed up and you’ve done things,” said Rancho Sahuarita resident Crystal Donnelly. “But a letter coming in the mail saying ‘You need to paint your house?’ No.”

About 2,600 homeowners received the letter that says their homes do not meet the minimum community-wide standards for exterior paint.

Associa Arizona, the HOA’s management company, said in a statement that it inspected each house in March and April of this year.

The company said this is a followup to a compliance effort made in May 2013 in which 1,800 letters were sent to homeowners, resulting in more than 1,350 violations being corrected.

“These homeowners have been asked to correct the deficiencies as part of community-wide efforts to maintain the value and aesthetics of the neighborhood for the families who live here and the families considering to make their home in Rancho Sahuarita,” the company said in the statement.

“It seems like harassment to me,” said Crystal Donnelly’s husband Kevin, who said his house a manufacturing defect near their garage that was already in the process of being fixed and repainted. “If they would’ve been more specific in giving us a warning to tell us what they were doing, then it would be OK. We knew that we had to fix that, and we had somebody lined up to fix it, but this just caught us off guard.”

Every homeowner who received a letter was also given a copy of the community standards that give specific details about acceptable exterior paint and also note deterioration of wood, excessive chipping and peeling of paint or stucco as infractions needing to be brought up to snuff.

For residents such as Michael Gray, the notice wasn’t unexpected, and he said he was already in the process of repainting his home when he received his letter.

“It’s that pride of ownership,” said Gray. “That’s what you pay for, and that’s why you bought the house.”

UPDATE: Associa Arizona spoke with Tucson News Now and says it has listened to resident’s concerns. They said they’re in the process of reassessing all inspections and will be in close contact with residents to discuss in further detail.


Associa: DVE residents do not want your business


Recent survey performed at Desert Vista Estates (DVE) indicates that majority of DVE  residents disapprove the job done by Associa Arizona in this neighborhood.

Although, the final decision to cancel the contract between DVE and Associa (which automatically renews every October 1st) is up to DVE Board of Directors.

If you participated in this survey and would like your name removed from the list, click the contact link at the bottom of the page.

Desert Vista Estates Landscaping expenses


During 2015, Desert Vista Estates paid $5226.40 for landscaping services for the common area (1.36 acres shown in the image above).

For January 2016,  DVE has paid $2287.00 although the approved budget for landscaping services is $300.00 a month.

To put it in prospective, it will take a person making 8.00 per hour – 285 hours (or 35 days of work) to earn $2280.00

DVE common area is not used for anything, and it does not require irrigation since trees located there are palo verdes, mesquites, or similar.


DVE Plat