Desert Vista Estates Landscaping expenses


During 2015, Desert Vista Estates paid $5226.40 for landscaping services for the common area (1.36 acres shown in the image above).

For January 2016,  DVE has paid $2287.00 although the approved budget for landscaping services is $300.00 a month.

To put it in prospective, it will take a person making 8.00 per hour – 285 hours (or 35 days of work) to earn $2280.00

DVE common area is not used for anything, and it does not require irrigation since trees located there are palo verdes, mesquites, or similar.


DVE Plat

One comment on “Desert Vista Estates Landscaping expenses

  1. william stehle on

    This is misleading and incorrect information of what areas the HOA is responsible for! The area is much more than you are / or should be aware of.
    Also what you portray as an overly large payment, is nothing more than the contractor was not submitting his billing as required for several months. Once that was corrected the contractor was paid in full, thus the payment amount appears to be large at that time.
    At the very least this is posting incorrect information to the community, since you had all the previous data on hand for that situation.
    I suggest you post more accurate information and also correct posts that are subsequently shown to be incorrectly posted.


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