HOA voting by email is illegal (unless a notified emergency)

Kudos to “Arizona Homeowner Forum” John Sellers for sharing this information!
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meeting by email are illegal

Many HOA’s, Management Companies, and their attorneys think it’s OK to dispense with open Board Meetings and have meetings by email, as long as they’re unanimous. Some HOA’s even have that written into their documents. The attorneys, including Carpenter Hazlewood until very recently continued to argue that ARS 10 allows you to do that.

One Management Company even testified it is standard practice in the industry. Not only does that contravene open meeting rules for HOA’s but:

  1. A judgement was already obtained last year on that very point with heavy sanctions involved
  2. A second judgement was obtained reaffirming that this month.
  3. Carpenter Hazelwood, in a last ditch attempt to avoid sanctions were forced to drop the repeat defense of this practice and admit wrongdoing.

Click HERE to read the result

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